Why should I attend Sikh2Inspire camp?

It could be the once in a lifetime opportunity to live in a community of likeminded people all wanting to learn, explore and develop their faith. It could also be just to get away from the daily grind of work and the nagging your receiving during the summer holidays!

The main reason for holding this camp is to give you the opportunity to be inspired by fellow campers, sevadaars and most of all by Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s teachings. While we spend the majority of our daily life engrossed in work, education, families and friends we find little time for our souls. This camp will offer you the opportunity to experience something like never before, this camp will explore how to recognise the meaning  of life and reflect on our spiritual journey through self discipline and good actions. It will also help you to realise oneness with god through reading, listening, believing and then following the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Finally you will also be able to take part in fun packed activities with attendees from across Europe!

What will happen in Sikh2Inspire Camp?

In this camp your day will consist of various lectures to expand your knowledge about your faith. You will also be given the opportunity to find the answers to your questions through Q&A sessions. We will have arranged for some fun and action packed activities to help build your physical skills and helping digest all the great food that you will be eating throughout the camp. There will also be your daily divans in which you can listen and take part in Kirtan. There will be plenty of seva on a daily basis in which you can involve yourself in. This will be your own unique experience that you will take with you and we hope will inspire you for the rest of your life!

Who else will be attending Camp?

A variety of campers will be attending from different, backgrounds, upbringings, countries and ages. There will also be sevadaars at the camp that will be guiding you through your day.

Will I fit in?

You will not need to worry about fitting in. Each camper will and should be individual in order for you to fully experience Sikh2Inspire camp as it will allow you to learn from each other.  Sikh2Inspire camp will have a relaxed and non judgemental approach towards campers. You will not be pressured into doing anything you wish not to and will definitely feel welcomed by the seva team. 

How do I get to Sikh2Inspire Camp?

Campers will need to make their own way to the camp site.

What are the facilities like?

The accommodation will be dormitory based with clean rooms, shower and toilet facilities. Also there are extensive ground facilities with indoor and outdoor sport facilities and much more. 

How much do I pay to attend Sikh2Inspire Camp?

The fees for Sikh2Inspire camp is £60 per camper.

What is the procedure if I want to attend?

In order to attend you will need to fill an online application form. Once you have filled in the application form and been accepted, further details will be emailed to you on how to pay your fees. You will then be forwarded the Sikh2Inspire camp pack informing you all that you need to know from there on. Please go onto www.sikh2inspire.org for the application form.

Can I speak to someone if I wish to discuss things prior to attending?

You are more than welcome to contact us via email which can be found on the website or via telephone. The telephone numbers you can call are provided on the poster. Sevadaars will be more than happy to help where we can.

What will I need to bring?

Once you application has been accepted and payment has been made you will be informed of exactly what you need to bring with you in the Sikh2Inspire Camp pack which will be emailed out to you.

Who runs Sikh2inspire Camp?

Sikh2Inspire camp is run by a group of various volunteers  (Sevadaars) from around the world. They all have different levels of knowledge and spirituality helping us all to be inspired to recognise our own spiritual state. Most Sevadaars have vast experience in organising and running similar gurmat camps. 

When and where is Sikh2Inspire camp being held?

Sikh2Inspire camp will be taking place on the 17th - 19th November  at an exclusive Sikh2Inspire retreat site, located in the heart of the United Kingdom; easily accessible for all our happy campers.  

What if after I apply I can't make it, will I get a refund?

Please speak to the Sikh2Inspire team

Applications forms are required for anyone attending camp.


Where to find us?

Phone Number
+44 (0)7415 369200
+44 (0)7985 246484